BELIEVING that all delegates to the Forty-fourth Biennial will warmly and gratefully acknowledge the unique roles played by the Rabbis of the constituent congregations, as spiritual advisers to congregants and to congregants the year 'round; and

ADMITTING the limitations of many laymen in scholarly background, facility of expression and other professional attainments; while

RECALLING that Judaism is a faith that does not exalt the ministry above the laity or place the rabbinate in a position of intercessor between laymen and God; and that the Union of American Hebrew Congregations is the creature of the lay members of constituent congregations;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that when planning or acknowledging the participation of Rabbis at General Assemblies of the Union, the traditional function of the Union as a lay organization be observed by assuring laymen a majority in the speaking and voting arrangements.


The Committee recommends the disapproval of this resolution.


The resolution was withdrawn by its authors.