Support for Our Synagogues

The synagogue and the family have been the source of Jewish learning and values which have kept Judaism alive and vital. Living Judaism - dynamic, vibrant and enticing Jewish way of life -begins with the home and the synagogue. And it is at the synagogue that we learn to perform the acts of charity and of loving kindness which sustain every other worthwhile institution in our communities. We give generously to those other institutions without expecting anything in return for ourselves, but often we measure our financial commitment to our congregations in relation to the personal services we ask of them. We fail to remember that it is the synagogue alone among Jewish institutions which makes Jews and serves the religious needs of all Jews without regard to their means. Even if we sought no personal service from our congregations, they would deserve our support.

Because of their financial condition, many of our congregations now find it difficult to respond fully to the needs of their member families and to build strong Jewish identities for the future. Financially able congregants sometimes neglect their lifelong responsibility to provide the highest level of monetary support to their own congregations, whether or not they are actively involved in congregational life.

THEREFORE , the Union of American Hebrew Congregations resolves to:

  1. Remind every member of every congregation, through the leadership, appropriate committees, and commissions of the UAHC in cooperation with lay leadership and professional staff at all levels of the Reform Movement, of the reasons to support their congregations generously in order that there may be a world of living Judaism to sustain themselves, their children, their grandchildren, and future generations.
  2. Urge all Reform Jews to reexamine their priorities in discretionary giving to ensure that the synagogue receives an appropriate level of financial support from all members.