URJ Board Workshops will be offered only online through December 2020.

What is a URJ board workshop?

  • A 5-6 hour workshop, included in your URJ membership, tailored to your congregation’s individual needs and interests
  • Led by URJ-trained lay leaders or staff, who will work with your congregation to create and facilitate a dynamic and interactive session at your congregation
  • Together, you will discuss key points, strategize and identify next steps, which will strengthen your congregation

What does a workshop look like?

  • We recommend an intensive day-long experience, minimally 5-6 hours (usually on a Sunday), which gives leaders time to focus on the goals and outcomes of the retreat and allows for meaninful, productive work to occur.
  • Every workshop participant fills out a questionnaire in advance, to identify areas of strength and issues that need attention. This information is used to tailor the workshop to the congregation's specific needs.
  • The session is planned in a collaborative effort between the congregation and the facilitator.
  • The workshop is a dynamic, interactive session, in which participants discuss ideas, strategize and plan for the future of the conrgegation.
  • Following the workshop, the congregation will receive support from the URJ as it proceeds to the next steps.

Available topics

  • Orienting new board members
  • Rethinking the role of the board
  • Reimagining volunteer engagement
  • Setting goals for the future

For more information, contact Gila Hadani Ward at (212) 650-4266 or GHadaniWard@urj.org.