Music Programs

Our music programs are offered in partnership with Sing Unto God.

Hava Nashira

Hava Nashira, produced by Sing Unto God, is the premier annual Jewish songleader conference. First presented at URJ Camp OSRUI in 1992, Hava Nashira now sits at the intersection of contemporary expressions of Jewish living, and gathers teachers and participants to share the best thinking about where worship and communal singing can take us all together.

Held in May, Hava Nashira invites clergy, educators, and communal leaders to become translators in their own communities of the powerful repertoire, learning, and worship styles presented during the conference. URJ maintains its historic commitment to Hava Nashira, and supports it through a lead sponsorship.

an image of a song leader playing the guitar in front of a room of people singing

Teen Songleader Fellowships

The URJ is committed to supporting teen songleaders who want to be a part of building something bigger and better. Through the Sing Unto God Teen Songleader Fellowships, young Jewish songleaders are encouraged to develop their skills, deepen their knowledge of repertoire and communal singing technique, and build meaningful leadership and relationship opportunities in their congregations, camps, and communities.

Sing Unto God runs both North American and regional fellowships, which include a weekend retreat where participants can practice their skills by leading worship services and religious school music classes, online learning, and individual support for each participant from a local, on-the-ground mentor.

an image of a group of teens, some with guitars

Shabbat Shira

Shabbat Shira is a collaborative Jewish music retreat, produced by Sing Unto God and sponsored by the URJ, which brings together songwriters, songleaders, and worship leaders to learn new repertoire and share their experiences in building more meaningful singing communities.

The content is designed not only to inform, but to create relationships of shared learning and support. Held every fall at URJ Camp OSRUI, the weekends includes inspirational, music-fueled Shabbat services and time for rest and renewal.

an image of a group of people at Shabbat Shira with their arms around each other

SIng Unto God Logo

Sing Unto God was founded by Cantor Rosalie Will as a home for anyone who is passionate about creating communities of healing, wholeness, justice, and joy through the power of music and song. Their mission is to elevate the importance and impact of communal singing however and wherever Jews gather. Learn more on their website.