Developing Leaders

For the task is too heavy for you; you cannot do it alone... You shall also seek out from among all the people those who are capable and who fear God...  Let them share the burden with you.
Exodus 18:18; 21–22

Explore the opportunities and resources provided by the URJ to strengthen your congregation as you identify and train a pipeline of competent, engaged future leaders. 

Leadership and Governance Training Courses

Participants will

  • Learn the URJ Principles of Governance and cultivate a shared language.
  • Explore congregational governance in relation to Jewish communal life and the greater non-profit landscape
  • Mobilize fellow leaders in their congregation to connect with other congregations interested in congregational governance.
  • Apply learning from the course to lead governance work in their communities.

Four Modules (one hour each)

  1.  Foundational Statements:  Establish clear mission-driven, and flexible organizational structure, processes and culture to support your congregation in adapting to new challenges.
  2. Organizational Culture, Structure, and Processes:  Support the congregations in adapting to new challenges without known solutions.
  3. Leadership Culture:  Create a transparent, reflective, diverse and positive leadership culture, emphasizing sacred partnership.
  4. Leadership Development:  Engage in ongoing leadership development.

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Emerging Leaders Resource

The resource can serve as the basis of a congregational leadership development program. It includes an implementation guide and 11 modules, all developed through the lens of Jewish texts and values. The topics covered:

  • Introduction to congregational leadership
  • Learning about your congregational community
  • Congregational mission, vision, and values
  • Reform Judaism
  • Personal leadership style
  • Leadership skills
  • Congregational governance
  • Financial responsibility of congregational leaders
  • Being a congregational ambassador
  • Goal setting
  • Social justice

Members of URJ congregations can access the URJ Emerging Leaders Resource in The Tent.

Training Opportunities for Facilitators

The URJ hosted training webinars for leaders who serve as the facilitators of their congregational leadership development programs and want to use the URJ Emerging Leaders Resource as the basis of their curriculum. Watch the recording of our most recent webinar.