Reform Movement Marketplace

Where URJ-affiliated congregations can connect with products and services that reduce costs of running a congregation and simplify day-to-day operations.

Save money and increase effeciency at your congregation in the reform movement marketplace 

Create an account and browse the wide array of products and services in the Reform Movement Marketplace. URJ-affiliated congregations can use the marketplace to connect with products and services that will reduce costs of running a congregation and simplify day-to-day operations. 

Spend less time thinking about the “back of the house,” and spend more time thinking about the “front of the house.” 

The Reform Movement Marketplace offers great deals on tangible items, like office supplies, web cameras and software licenses. Also, congregations can find deals on products and services that help provide the change their congregation needs now, working smarter while saving money. Staff co-employment and health insurance with Insperity HR, accounting services with CRI advisors and CPAs, or integrated payments and fundraising with Dipjar or Shopraise.  

These products and services will help save money so you can spend less time on administration and operation issues while spending more time on sacred community engagement and member connections. 

Access opportunities and services only available to URJ member congregations. 

The URJ has vetted several vendors and negotiated discount pricing or enhanced, convenient access for congregations. Connect with these great products and services in The Reform Movement Marketplace today!  

All vendors below are offering special discounts and offers to URJ affiliated congregations, only in the Marketplace. 

  • 911Inform: 911Inform provides geo-fencing, communication and mapping tools to successfully manage a crisis situation at your congregation. 

  • Adar IT: Cloud-based computing services with 50% off all Help Desk plans. 

  • Staples Advantage by Back Office Cooperative: Non-profit group purchasing organization offering deep discounts on office, building and janitorial supplies through Staples Advantage. 

  • BluePoint: Similar in appearance and function to the red fire-pull station, BluePoint is an integrated Rapid Emergency Response System that instantly notifies police and building occupants of an emergency situation. 

  • Carr, Riggs & Ingram CPAs and Advisors: Outsourced accounting or auditing services. 

  • Charity Charge: Credit cards for congregation staff. No annual fee, online card controls and simplified expense reporting. 

  • DipJar: Easy credit card donations and campaign integration.

  • FedEx Office: 15% off on printing and production services. 

  • Felsen Insurance: Property, Casualty and Directors & Officers insurance 

  • First Aid and Bleeding Control Kits: Vital supplies to help keep your community safe in response to everyday emergencies.

  • Insperity HR: Discounted support for HR operations, including payroll, health insurance, onboarding, and liability. 

  • Pastoral Reach: Software to help caring communities, clergy and staff tracking lifecycle issues in the congregation. 

  • R. Jeffrey Tax Credits: Valuable payroll tax credits for congregations that retained staff during the pandemic.

  • ShopRaise: Raise money every time your members shop at any one of hundreds of stores online. 

  • SolusIT: Computer network management and maintenance 24x7x365. 

  • Streamspot: 100% automated, high-quality streaming to your congregational community and beyond. 

  • Subsplash: Custom mobile-app and website to host combined streaming and fundraising opportunities. 

  • Synagogue Consultant Directory: Choose from a list of carefully vetted consultants that can help your congregation with leadership development, fundraising, technology, executive coaching and much, much more. 

  • TechSoup: Deeply discounted technology products from Microsoft 365, to Dell and HP laptops, to Quickbooks and more. 

  • TechSoup Website and Marketing Services: Website assessments and consultations through Tapp Networks.

  • Traliant Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: Online harassment prevention classes for clergy, staff, lay leaders and volunteers.

  • Yahrzeit Interactive: Immersive digital yahrzeit experiences for the temple website and memorial wall.  

  • Zoom: Deeply discounted Zoom licenses (including Large Meeting and Webinar add-ons and Unlimited Cloud Storage) available directly from the Marketplace. 

Visit the Reform Movement Marketplace to see even more offers. Request access by sending an email to  

If you would like to recommend a vendor for inclusion in the Marketplace program, or you would like your business to be considered, please fill out this form and we will be in touch soon. 

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