In the fall of 2017, the Union for Reform Judaism evaluated whether Reform Movement youth experiences – NFTY, URJ Camps, and congregational teen experiences – have a lasting impression into adulthood, as alumni who embrace Jewish life as a path to meaning, purpose, and joy and shape a more whole, just, and compassion world in our congregations and beyond.

With 2000+ alumni completing the study, we can proudly state that adults who had Reform Jewish experiences in their youth are strongly associated with an array of Jewish outcomes later in life.

Press release: URJ Releases Preliminary Findings from 2 Important Surveys Demonstrating Effectiveness of Work in Priority Areas

URJ Youth: creating an engaged future infographic
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At the beginning of September 2017, a survey created by Rosov Consulting was fielded to alumni of Reform teen experiences and others connected with the Reform Movement through a variety of distribution channels. The survey received 3,296 responses of which 2,180 were alumni of Reform teen experiences. Post-sample weights were applied to correct known biases in the sample in terms of age and gender. The data collected by the Pew Research Center in its 2013 study of Jewish Americans was used for this purpose, as it is presumed that the Pew data offer a reliable representation of the age and gender among all raised-Reform individuals in the United States. The Rosov Consulting team has undertaken two parallel approaches to analyze and make meaning of the data collected, Comparative sample and multiple hierarchical regression analysis.