Parenting with Purpose: A Free Guide

May 8, 2023Stephanie Fink, MAJCS, RJE

Raising children can be both rewarding and challenging. It requires parents to deeply understand their child's needs, emotions, and behavior as they provide guidance, support, and love. In today's world, parents and caregivers face unique challenges that can make raising kids difficult and, at times, lonely.

As part of our commitment to families, the URJ is pleased to offer our congregational partners an opportunity for parents and caregivers in your community to download Parenting with Purpose: Addressing Mental, Emotional, and Social Wellness.

This guide offers practical strategies and techniques to foster growth and resilience, including:

  • Building strong connections with your child
  • Nurturing your child's independence and confidence
  • Teaching your child healthy coping skills
  • Supporting a healthy respect for boundaries

We developed this communication kit so that you can easily share this resource with your community. The toolkit includes a sample of text to use in emails and sample social media posts.

We are excited to partner with you to support parents and caregivers raising the next generation of our Jewish community.

Please reach out to Stephanie Fink at with any questions about the guide.

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