When the Reform Movement Comes Together, There's a Place for You

November 6, 2018

After the senseless violence at Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh, many members of our community are grieving, processing the events and their aftermath, and wondering what to do next. The answer is clear: We show up.

As Reform Jews, we have the opportunity to come together in solidarity to demonstrate our strength. Whether you’re looking to build your social justice skills, to network with leaders from across North America to enrich your congregation, or to help shape the future of the Reform Movement, there’s a place for you. Register now, mark your calendars, and share this information with those in your congregation who might also be interested in these transformative, powerful events.

NFTY Convention 2019

When and Where: February 15-18, 2019 in Dallas, TX

Who should go: Your congregation’s teen and youth group leadership, youth engagement professionals, and lay leaders

Why they should go: NFTY Convention is a one-of-a-kind experience, bringing together more than 1,000 Reform Jewish teens, youth professionals, and lay leaders from across North America. It’s NFTY’s biggest event and gives teens the opportunity to be part of something, stand for something, and shape their community. Youth professionals and lay leaders will attend as part of the Youth Summit – a chance to learn, network, and reflect with peers, experts from the field, and teen leaders.

URJ Scheidt Seminar

When and Where: There are two opportunities to attend: February 7-10, 2019 in Newport Beach, CA and April 4-7, 2019 in Peachtree City, GA

Who should go: Presidents and presidents-elect of URJ congregations

Why they should go: The URJ Scheidt Seminar provides congregational presidents the unique opportunity to learn, network, and worship with leaders of the Reform Movement and participants from congregations of different locations and sizes.

Consultation on Conscience 2019

When and Where: May 19-21, 2019 in Washington, D.C.

Who should go: Congregational leaders seeking training, networking, and resources to deepen their communal social justice work.

Why they should go: Bringing a congregational delegation to the Consultation on Conscience is the next step in building and strengthening Reform communities, including their capacity for meaningful social justice work. Strong delegations represent the full spectrum of congregational life, bringing together clergy and adult and student lay leadership to build relationships within and across Reform congregations, gain tangible organizing and advocacy skills, and live out Jewish values together as a movement on Capitol Hill.

And… save the date! Biennial 2019 is December 11-15 in Chicago.

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