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The Union for Reform Judaism helps congregations and communities adapt and stay agile, enabling them to meet members' needs.  

We help leaders face today’s challenges and encourage innovation while responding to changing needs. We connect leaders so that they can learn from each other’s experiences and provide services to lower the costs of operations. When needed, the URJ provides personalized support for congregations in transition and crisis. 

The URJ works with congregations to prioritize investing in the future , deepening Jewish learning experiences, repairing the world, welcoming all, and connecting with Israel


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What's New

Reviving Synagogue Communities Using Smart Tech

September 29, 2022
Email and other technologies are a huge factor in why employees feel like they're always on the clock. This "always-on" culture accelerated while synagogues began facing declining membership before the pandemic and has only intensified since. Even if clergy or staff are cut, the work demands don't decrease. As a result, remaining clergy or staff or volunteers are even more overwhelmed and are burning out at alarming rates.

Lead Your Board Through Self-Reflection for the High Holidays

September 6, 2022
On the Jewish calendar, the start of the month of Elul signifies the beginning of the High Holiday season. As individuals, it is during this time that we begin the process of cheshbon hanefesh (accounting of the soul), reflecting on the past year. So too, it is important for your leadership and community to reflect on the past year and consider how to do better moving forward.