Board of Trustees
May 1976
New York

The land of Israel, which is Zion, the Children of Israel, who constitute the Jewish people, and the God of Israel are all bound together in a triple covenant. As Reform Jews, we perceive the political entity of the State of Israel, together with the Jewish people the world over, as constituting a means for the continued evolution of this covenantal relationship.

Our movement has a unique and critical role to play in shaping Israel's future as a Jewish State. We can do this both by enriching Jewish life in our community and by participating in the fabric of Israeli society. Hence the Israel Commission affirms the value of aliyah as a valid option for contemporary liberal Jewish commitment and self-fulfillment. A Reform aliyah will expand our role in Israel and further our rightful contribution to the life and religious expression of the State and the Jewish people.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That we affirm a special duty to encourage and assist those Reform Jews who, individually or in groups, wish to participate more fully in the development of the State of Israel and in the development of Progressive Judaism in Israel by making aliyah and settling there.