The quality and conditions of Israel's survival continue to be a source of deep concern. Faced by continued terrorism across her borders, craven political attacks within the United Nations, and serious internal problems, Israel survives and the people of Israel live! We salute that nation's tenacity, her courage, and the forbearance of her people, and we reaffirm our abiding commitment to Israel's destiny.

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Over the past 25 years IRAC has  become a leading Israeli voice advancing pluralism and defending freedoms of conscience, faith, and religion.

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Submitted by the URJ Resolutions Committee

WHEREAS at the Biennial Convention of the URJ it was clear that Israel engagement and involvement of the Reform Movement in Israel is of great importance to the leadership and congregations throughout North America;

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52nd General Assembly
November 1973
New York, NY

At this momentous juncture in our history, we reaffirm the fundamental unity of the living Jewish people. We mourn the dreadful loss of life-that of our fellow Jews in Israel whose most solemn religious day was invaded by the infamous aggression of Syria and Egypt, as well as the Arabs who were themselves victims of the tragic policies of their own leaders. Therefore, the UAHC, at this 52nd General Assembly, declares:

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Executive Committee
February 1977
New York, New York

Whereas there have been grassroot requests from members and groups of members of various Reform congregations for an opportunity to participate as Reform Jews as part of the voting constituency of the World Zionist Organization under the aegis of the UAHC and/or otherwise more fully implement their commitment to Israel,

Now, therefore, be it resolved that:

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35th Council
January 1937
New Orleans, LA

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For Consideration by the Union for Reform Judaism Board of Trustees
June 2004
Denver, Colorado


"My heart is in the East" - Judah Halevi

Today, 11 years since Prime Minister Rabin and Chairman Arafat shook hands on the White House lawn, we continue to watch in horror and sadness as Palestinian terrorism haunts our brothers and sisters in Israel.

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40th Council
November 1948

The Fortieth General Assembly of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations regards with deep distress the action of the United Nations mediator in ordering the establishment of a vast no man's land in the Negev and in ordering the establishment of the Israeli troops from that region.

In the name of justice and desperate human need we ask the President of the United States to insist, through our representatives of the United Nations, that this order be withdrawn.

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Adopted by the General Assembly
November 30 - December 3, 1995 Atlanta

Background In November 1995, the Israeli Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling that opened the door for legal recognition of non-Orthodox conversions. Subse quently, concerns have been raised that, to strengthen the new coalitional government, an agreement was made with various Orthodox political parties to pursue legislation that would again block recognition of such conversions.

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