53rd General Assembly
November 1975
Dallas Texas

WHEREAS in July 1975 the government of Canada decided to cancel the projected Conference on Crime that was to be hosted by Canada on behalf of the United Nations and that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) had indicated that it would attend as observer in the status accorded to it by the plenum of the United Nations in November 1974; and

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Adopted at the 62nd General Assembly
October, 1993
San Francisco, CA

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Board of Trustees
May 1976
New York

The land of Israel, which is Zion, the Children of Israel, who constitute the Jewish people, and the God of Israel are all bound together in a triple covenant. As Reform Jews, we perceive the political entity of the State of Israel, together with the Jewish people the world over, as constituting a means for the continued evolution of this covenantal relationship.

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52nd General Assembly
November 1973
New York, NY

WHEREAS more than a decade before the establishment of the State of Israel, Reform Judaism declared in our Guiding Principles of Reform Judaism the obligation of all Jewry to aid in the upbuilding of our homeland; and

WHEREAS we, the member congregations of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, have been at the forefront of Israel's support from its birth; and

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51st General Assembly
November l97l
Los Angeles, CA


I. Statement of General Principle

The ties between Reform Jews and the State of Israel have continually grown closer. In the process we have enriched our Jewishness and contributed a new option to the development of Israeli life.

What we have learned and what we have gained has made it clear that the time is now ripe for a major step forward in our Israel program -- the creation of a JERUSALEM EDUCATIONAL CENTER FOR PROGRESSIVE JUDAISM.

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