50th General Assembly
October 1969
Miami Beach, FL

In 1965, the UAHC General Assembly called for a cease-fire and negotiated settlement of the war in Vietnam.

Now, four years and countless lives later, this bloody and brutalizing war drags on, with its incalculable toll. Discussions in Paris are taking place, but with little promise of breaking the diplomatic impasse.

Believing that new initiatives are required to bring about an early end of the un-conscionable slaughter in Vietnam, we urge our government to:

  1. Direct an immediate stand-still cease-fire in Vietnam and the withdrawal of all United States military presence no later than December 31, 1970, from Vietnam and those combat and supporting troops in other Southeast Asian countries used in support of the war in Vietnam;
  2. Use the full weight of our influence to seek the development of a coalition government in South Vietnam which will be broadly reflective of all elements and groups of that country, making it absolutely clear that any obligation is to the people of that tragic land and not to the preservation of an unrepresentative government by a clique of repressive generals in Saigon;
  3. Since the war has destroyed families, maimed mothers and children and laid waste the countryside in Vietnam, we must recognize the moral obligation to bring aid and relief to the very people who have been injured in this war. The war in Vietnam has devastated not only that troubled land. The future of the entire world demands and early end to this nightmarish horror.

We urge the North Vietnam government and the National Liberation Front, in the name of human decency, to make know the list of American serviceman who are held prisoners, and to allow communication between them and their families.