Foreign Policy

Reform Jewish Leaders Respond to Netanyahu’s Conciliation to Delay Judicial Overhaul

Contact: Laura Frank,, 267-234-1497
We are relieved PM Netanyahu has finally responded to months of protests by nearly every sector of Israeli society that vigorously opposed the government’s judicial revolution. However, this temporary pause has come at an exorbitant price. To keep his fragile coalition intact, Netanyahu struck a deal with National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir to create a “national guard” that would fall under his authority. The formation of a civilian militia, which falls outside the scope of the Israeli police and under the stewardship of a far-right extremist leader like Ben-Gvir, is a threat to Israel’s democracy and civil security. 

World Peace and National Priorities

Year Adopted:
50th General Assembly October 1969 Miami Beach, FL Whereas Judaism first evoked the vision of world peace, our prophets dreamed of a day when nations would convert the swords of war into the plowshares of peace. Our Jewish history and tradition constitute an indomitable affirmation of life. ""I have set...

World's Exploding Population

Year Adopted:
48th General Assembly November 1965 San Francisco, CA Whereas among the more serious threats of the structure of family life, as it is now known, is the world's exploding population, and We believe that the dissemination of birth control education for family planning is not an infringement of civil liberties...


Year Adopted:
50th General Assembly October 1969 Miami Beach, FL In 1965, the UAHC General Assembly called for a cease-fire and negotiated settlement of the war in Vietnam. Now, four years and countless lives later, this bloody and brutalizing war drags on, with its incalculable toll. Discussions in Paris are taking place...

Vietnamese "Boat People"

Year Adopted:
55th General Assembly December 1979 Toronto, Ontario, Canada The UAHC has frequently expressed its anguish and horror about the plight of the Vietnamese boat people. Because we were the original "boat people," we Jews feel a profound empathy with the hundreds of thousands of refugees who now haunt the conscience...