52nd General Assembly
November 1973
New York, NY

At this momentous juncture in our history, we reaffirm the fundamental unity of the living Jewish people. We mourn the dreadful loss of life-that of our fellow Jews in Israel whose most solemn religious day was invaded by the infamous aggression of Syria and Egypt, as well as the Arabs who were themselves victims of the tragic policies of their own leaders. Therefore, the UAHC, at this 52nd General Assembly, declares:

  1. We welcome the cease-fire and we express our appreciation for the firm and vigorous actions taken by the president of the United States, the secretary of state, and the Congress in supporting and resupplying Israel, as well as for courageous diplomatic efforts to prevent the USSR from further and even more dangerous exploitation of the hostilities in order to enlarge Soviet influence in the Middle East.
  2. We are deeply gratified by the agreement reached between Israel and Egypt on November 11, and we commend Secretary of State Kissinger for patient diplomacy in bringing the interested parties to a serious discussion of their differences.
  3. It is our fervent belief that the path of genuine face-to-face negotiations can put an end to the endless bloodshed and violence in the Middle East. Such negotiations must affirm the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign Jewish state within secure and recognized boundaries while providing a sound basis for all peoples in the area to live together in mutual respect and peace.

We join in prayer and determination to achieve a durable peace so that the incalculable human costs of the Yom Kippur War-and those that preceded it over the past twenty-five years, will be redeemed in some measure by the realization of that profoundly Jewish religious ideal of shalom.