A Taste of Judaism® makes it easy to explore Judaism. The course is just three sessions with no course books and no homework and course content assumes no previous knowledge about or exposure to Judaism. Curricular materials are adaptable for both online and in-person programs. Each 90 minute to two-hour class explores a different aspect of Judaism: God/Jewish Spirituality, Torah/Jewish Values, K'lal Yisrael/Jewish Community.

Consider making A Taste of Judaism® part of your congregation's strategy for outreach and engagement.


After completing the 3-session A Taste of Judaism® program:

  • 89% of students say they are likely to seek additional opportunities for Jewish learning or worship
  • 33% subsequently enroll in Introduction to Judaism classes
  • 13% seek a connection to a rabbi or cantor to explore conversion

What the URJ provides

We are pleased to offer support to URJ congregations offering A Taste of Judaism®.

URJ staff will:

  • Post the congregation’s program offerings on ReformJudaism.org
  • Provide a customizable marketing toolkit
  • Support your program with marketing on digital media
  • Provide further grant support for marketing and experiential engagement
  • Respond directly to all inquiries from prospective participants, including those who express interest through our website pop-up boxes, and as appropriate, refer them to congregational clergy and/or staff
  • Offer curricular resources, including PowerPoint slides and student handouts, and one-on-one consulting to faculty and congregational leadership

Through the generosity of the National Center to Encourage Judaism, URJ congregations that meet minimum requirements can receive a microgrant of up to $1800/year for one course or program and up to $2500/year for two or more courses. Congregations and communities may use the funds in a variety of designated ways that serve to help participants find a home in Jewish community, such as advertising, security costs, expenses for experiential engagement, and more.

Contact Us

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For additional information, please email us and visit A Taste of Judaism® on ReformJudaism.org.