Screams Before Silence Community Screening: Take Action

It is critical that we take collective action to continue to bear witness, demand justice, raise our voices, and ensure the brutality of October 7the never happens again. Below are suggestions for actions you can take:

1. Urge the Senate to condemn rape and sexual violence committed by Hamas in its war against Israel.

As Reform Jews, we both see sexual assault as the heinous crime it is and acknowledge that we are all responsible for each other. In a time when there is a major lack of support for Israeli women, in particular, it is necessary to urge our members of Congress to stand up for the victims of rape and sexual violence and to condemn Hamas's brutal attacks. 

On February 14, 2024, a bill condemning sexual violence on October 7th passed the House with overwhelming, bipartisan support. Now, we urge the Senate to support similar legislation.

Take Action

2. Tell Secretary Blinken: Support Continued U.S. Leadership Toward Successful Release of Hostages. 

Continued U.S. leadership pushing for release of the hostages is crucial.  In clear contravention of international law, Hamas will not allow any international aid organizations access to the hostages to check on their health or provide necessary medicines or medical assistance. Reports from some released hostages have revealed that captives suffer deplorable conditions including sexual and physical violence, psychological torture, and near-starvation. Every second counts. Continued U.S. leadership toward a successful release of the hostages is crucial.  

Members of the Jewish community are taught the sacred mitzvah of Pidyon Shvu'im, the redemption of captives. We renew our demand for the release of all hostages still held in Gaza. Urge Secretary Blinken to support continued U.S. leadership toward successful release of the hostages.

Take Action

3. Continue engaging with the global war against women's bodies by reading and discussing books, documentaries, articles, and podcasts about violence against women worldwide. 

4. Talk to four friends about this documentary.

5. Download Talk for a Change resources to help you navigate tough, yet critically important conversations with your family, friends and community.

6. Join the World Zionist Congress election campaign.

The North American Reform Movement is launching a powerful campaign of leaders and volunteers to protect democracy, pluralism, women’s rights, and Reform Judaism in Israel by mobilizing for the World Zionist Congress election. Learn more and help us build this movement to fight for a democratic, pluralistic, and secure Israel

7. Make a Donation to support our Movement and sustain vital work during this time of tremendous need. 

Partnering with Sheryl Sandberg’s Screams Before Silence documentary to bear witness to the suffering of women during the October 7 attacks is just one of the ways we are working to create a world of greater justice. The URJ and the entire Reform Movement are steadfast in advocating for human rights, religious freedom, and democracy. We embrace Jews from all backgrounds and nurture Jewish resilience through joyful experiences.