Torah Portion

Ki Tisa

Exodus 30:11−34:35
22 Adar 5781
Haftarah: Ezekiel 36:22-36

The Eternal One spoke to Moses, saying: "When you take a census of the Israelite men according to their army enrollment, each shall pay the Eternal a ransom for himself on being enrolled, that no plague may come upon them through their being enrolled." - Exodus 30:11-12

Torah Portion

Vayak'heil - P'kudei

Exodus 35:1–40:38
29 Adar 5781
Haftarah: Ezekiel 45:16-25

These are the records of the Tabernacle, the Tabernacle of the Pact, which were drawn up at Moses' bidding--the work of the Levites under the direction of Ithamar son of Aaron the priest. - Exodus 38:21

Moses then convoked the whole Israelite community and said to them: "These are the things that the Eternal has commanded you to do." - Exodus 35:1

Torah Portion


Leviticus 1:1−5:26
7 Nisan 5781
Haftarah: Isaiah 43:21_44:23

The Eternal One called to Moses and spoke to him from the Tent of Meeting, saying: "Speak to the Israelite people and say to them: When any of you presents an offering of cattle to the Eternal: You shall choose your offering from the herd or from the flock." - Leviticus 1:1-2

Torah Portion


Leviticus 6:1−8:36
14 Nisan 5781
Haftarah: Malachi 3:4-24

The Eternal One spoke to Moses, saying: "Command Aaron and his sons thus: This is the ritual of the burnt offering: The burnt offering itself shall remain where it is burned upon the altar all night until morning, while the fire on the altar is kept going on it." - Leviticus 6:1-2

Torah Portion

Yom Sh'vi-i shel Pesach

Holidays Exodus 14:30–15:21
21 Nisan 5781
Haftarah: II Samuel 22:1-51

Thus the Eternal delivered Israel that day from the Egyptians. - Exodus 14:30