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Saturday, Oct. 27 marked one of the darkest days in American Jewish history. All of us are hurting as we try to make sense of the horrific and deadly attack on Tree Of Life - Or L'Simcha Congregation in Pittsburgh.

Writes Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the URJ, in...

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Like all of you, I sit here trying to make sense of the senseless. I struggle to wrap my mind around the motivation that causes someone to shoot worshippers, fellow Jews who came to synagogue to learn Torah, to name a baby, to say Kaddish. I cannot comprehend the violence, the pain, the anger. My heart breaks for the Pittsburgh community.

At yet, there is an awareness that even as I grieve, even as I mourn, even as I struggle, I need to open school tomorrow morning. I need to stand at the front door and greet each family, each child – welcoming them to their Jewish home. Our...

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As we reel from the aftermath of the shooting at Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh, Jewish educators consider how to support their teachers, as well as the children and families in their care. 

While the inclination may be to introduce brand new lessons and materials tomorrow, consider waiting. Allow your students to take the lead and let you know what they need to explore and give your community time to process. The following resources, however, may be helpful:

  • In a new post published the day of the shooting, Anne Berman-Waldorf, president of the...

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Contact: Lauren Theodore at 212-650-4154 ​or Sarah Garfinkel at 202-765-4290

New York, NY; October 27, 2018 - The slaughter of our brothers and sisters praying in their holy synagogue this Shabbat in Pittsburgh breaks our collective heart.    The murders took place during a prayer service in the Tree of Life congregation where, like synagogues all around the world, they were reading from Genesis recounting how Abraham welcomed perfect strangers into his tent....

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youth summit 2017

Engaging Jewish teens in the 21st century offers a unique set of opportunities and struggles. As Jewish youth professionals and lay leaders, we grapple with how to best engage and support today’s teens, who are also known as change makers, activists, inspired leaders, and most importantly, a variety of unique souls trying to find their way and make a difference. As we tackle this awesome task together, consider expanding your toolbox and joining us at the URJ’s Youth Summit at NFTY Convention 2019.

This is the only conference for...

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