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Freedom of choice in marriage is something that most of us in North America take entirely for granted. In Israel, however, marriage is controlled completely by the Orthodox Chief Rabbinate – which maintains a monopoly on religion in the Jewish State. Reform and Conservative marriages, as well as civil marriages performed in Israel are not recognized as legal. Couples who wish to marry outside the authority of the Chief Rabbinate – by choice or by prohibition – must go abroad to do so.

The majority of Israelis oppose this injustice. In fact, the percentage of public support for...

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The author holding a Torah scroll on the bimah of Temple Emanu-El in Dothan, Alabama

One of the advantages of living in the Mountain Time Zone is that we are awake a few hours past people on the east coast – and occasionally read the morning news stories the night before. On the evening of December 26, scrolling through the headlines on The Washington Post’s website, I saw this article:...

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Three campers in mid-air jumps on a grassy field

Even as the cold creeps in and the new year begins, summer 2019 is on the horizon!

We are already excited about this summer and the new opportunities available for Reform Jewish teens. This past fall, the Union for Reform Judaism released the findings from our alumni impact study, which showed strong evidence of the impact of Reform Movement youth programs on lifelong Jewish identity. The data vividly demonstrates that having a Reform Jewish experience as a...

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Arrangement of hand weights, an orange, and a small chalkboard to record 2019 goals

Now that 2019 is here, I see lots of posts on social media about improving our health and fitness in the New Year. They remind me that we, the Jewish community, also need to make our communities healthier when it comes to audacious hospitality.

Some of our best-intentioned communities still suffer from spiritual lethargy around diversity, inclusion, and equity. While many communities have a desire to improve in these areas, they may need help staying focused and consistent.

Here are four ways to start 2019 on the right...

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Stone statue of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Each year, the Reform Movement honors the legacy of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by commemorating the Shabbat nearest to MLK Day as Shabbat Tzedek. On this Shabbat, we remember the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and celebrate the hard-fought victories of the civil rights movement. It is also a time of reflection and recommitment as our movement renews its efforts in the struggle for racial justice in North America.

While we celebrate the great achievements of the civil rights...

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